Sunday, 30 August 2015

Youtube Gaming - Twitch killer?

Google's attempt in the streaming market,Youtube Gaming was launched 3 days ago. It's an entire website centered on gaming and is obviously now a direct competitor to Twitch, the other major site for streaming gaming. So what new things does it bring to the table to differentiate itself?

First and foremost is the design- YTG seeks to look sleeker than its white and purple counterpart, showing the top games, channels and broadcasts all on the same screen, with a "Trending games" pull-out tab on one side and "Featured channels" on the other. It's all very convenient not to mention responsive, unlike how Twitch sometimes is.

It compacts the information in videos efficiently as well because the space isn't filled with page ads; the entire screen is just the video and the chat, which is optional to see as well. It's also faster, using HTML5 rather than Adobe Flash. I prefer its design and efficiency over Twitch to be honest, and like Twitch it allows you to watch previous broadcasts- not to mention the videos each of the channels have in their archives.
It has one major problem though: no one (at the moment) is using it. Twitch has exclusive contracts restricting their 11,000 plus partners from streaming anywhere else, meaning YTG has a lot less content. As seen from the above pictures, the viewers are also resorting to Twitch, the latterhaving 100k live viewers while YTG has 1/5 of that at 20k on the same stream, presumably because of the fact that they feel more at home with a streaming service they have used for a long time.

But, I expect Youtube will also offer some exclusivity deals with certain streamers and Youtubers, and both services have apps. For now, I prefer the design of Youtube Gaming but the streamers of Twitch are larger in number, so it has a lot of work to do to cement itself, but I admit, it has promise as a true contender. What do you think about Youtube Gaming? Will you make the switch, or use both?

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