Monday, 10 August 2015

Wildstar Free to Play Beta

WildStar is going to change over to F2P model this autum, and the testing for this free-to-play transition has started. This test realm update includes the new business model, cash shop (similar to the swtor cartel market), as well as other drop changes and features.

In this year's ChinaJoy, WildStar was also awarded as the Most Anticipated MMO of 2015 by Sun.360 at its Game Panoramic Awards Ceremony. Also, there is also a good news to all the Chinese gamers. WildStar is also planning to launch in China later this year with a beta tentatively planned for this month. 
Now, personally, i don't see this transition as a big deal. As most MMOs seem to have a free to play model or some sort of demo version. The success of this however, will be determined by how many players return and how restricting the F2P format is. That said, i tried Wildstar at launch and played the beta. I will probably return to see how the game has changed. You can sign up for the beta here.
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