Tuesday, 25 August 2015

This week in Gaming: We are #3

Welcome to a new column called This Week in Gaming. These articles will be opinion based on either something that we have found cool in our week of gaming or reactions to news or events that have taken place in the week. This week, is Mass Effect Mods.  I recently discovered that there are many mods for Mass Effect 3. Today I'm going to  give you my top 4 mods. These mod's are very fun as they make it feel like a whole new game and add features such as a new ending that are very well done.

1. Happy Ending Mod
A big controversy erupted upon Mass Effect 3’s release, with many players and myself were disappointed with the game’s original endings as they killed the character that we have come to love. To address this uproar, BioWare went out of the line, and delivered a free DLC which didn’t change the ending, but gave a more detailed look at the whole affair. That’s when MEHEM came into the picture, with its excellently crafted final stages of the game with original voice acting changed sequences and music, its very well done and game me the conclusion i wanted in the original game. 
2.High Resolution Mod
High resolution mod
This mod is great and excellent way to bring the game up to the standards of 2015 gaming , texture mods matter a great deal to PC gamers, as they give them a true visual overhaul. Mass Effect 3’s high resolution mod upscales the textures of all of the title’s characters, weapons, buildings and vehicles to give the game a 'fresh' finish. 
Mother of All Mods is truly the mother of mods, and offers different pre-sets to modifications related to a number of aspects of the game. This mod allows you to install four weapon/combat tweak versions, granting you distinct scenarios during firefights. As well as offer the chance to have both Kaiden and Ashley in your crew. 

4.Clothing Mods
I was disappointed that in Mass Effect 3, there were only limited outfits you could use. But clever modders such as girlplaysgame make outfits for Shepard that actually look cool. If you want a fresh new style, go check it out!


Thanks for reading, if you have any other mods that you like, tell us in the comments below! I was also recently a guest on Corellian Run Radio so check that out!

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