Thursday, 20 August 2015

SWTOR Lowdown: PAX Prime Livestream info!

Infomation regarding the SWTOR PAX livestream that will be taking place instead of the cantina.

Hey folks, 
I wanted to let you know about the exact details of our livestream planned for next week:
When: 5PM PDT 
Who: Bruce Maclean, Michael Backus, Ben Scott, and myself 
  • We will be showing you gameplay from parts of Chapter 3
  • The team will answer questions from chat throughout the stream
  • A shareable link for the 2015 PAX Prime Cantina Tour Pack, which includes the PAX exclusive Prinawe Aggregate
  • A first reveal of a familiar face you will see in Knights of the Fallen Empire
  • We will be talking some nitty-gritty details about how Companions will work in KotFE, both current and future
Looking forward to seeing you all there. As I mentioned before, we will also post a recap here on the forums after the stream of some of the points we discussed. 
Hey folks, 
Just to address some of the questions in this thread…
We ourselves are very cautious around this. What you are going to see on the stream are parts of Chapter 3. If you have read press coverage from E3 or Gamescom, we are going to be showing you that demo. This will be the first time anyone in the public will actually see it, but it will follow along what has been covered in the press. We will be playing the demo in the first half’ish of the stream.
To concerns about the timing of the stream, especially relative to Europe. For the most part, our streams are timed so that people in most regions will be able to try to watch them. I realize, this stream is not convenient for Europe. However, it is very intentional that the timing of this stream is aimed directly at people on the west coast, since this information, etc. would have originally come out of the PAX Prime Cantina. Which would have actually happened even later at night.
This is the same reason our stream is on Wednesday, so that anyone who is going to attend PAX can still watch the stream, as many of them will be traveling or at the con by Thursday.
For anyone unable to watch the stream, we will be posting a synoposis in the forums (and answering any follow-ups on the companion information) along with the archive being available on Twitch thereafter.

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