Saturday, 15 August 2015

Silicon Saturday!

The PM1633a summarizes 15.36 terabytes of data
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It's been another week and another slew of tech news, from huge SSDs to Stagefright. Let's dive in:

Samsung Makes Biggest Ever SSD
Solid State Drives are everpresent in many PCs, thanks to their lack of moving parts making file and data transfers a lot quicker. However, they usually come in small sizes, usually 512GB, due to their price, but Samsung hasn't listened. reported that, at the exciting-sounding Flash Memory Summit in California, the South Korean superstars unveiled a 16TB SSD that's just as large as any other SSD. Ars Technica values it at around £5,000, so I imagine it'll only be used in big companies and/or Richard Branson's bathroom.

Surface Hub Delayed
Microsoft's Surface Pro line is for those that have hands too big for a Surface, but what of those who's hands are too big for a Surface Pro? If any of you have proportions comparable to Andre the Giant, I'm afraid there's some bad news for you: in a update to a blog post, Microsoft announced that their Surface Hub, a version of the Surface that comes in 84 inch and 55 inch varieties, won't be on sale until January next year. 

OnePlus 2 Also Delayed
And if one delay wasn't enough, Chinese newcomers OnePlus (Who made the stunningly good value and strangely-named OnePlus One) announced in their forum that the OnePlus 2 will be delayed by up to 3 weeks in North America, due to production schedules. However, Europe still gets their shipment right on time, August 11th. Cue Donald Trump making another racist comment about the Chinese.

Motorola Joins Fight Against StageFright
In case you don't know, StageFright is the biggest security risk in Android phones, allowing hackers to send pictures or videos to users containing malware that can infect the phone in seconds. Google, Samsung and LG announced 2 weeks ago that theyd be joining forces to fight this exploit, and now Motorola has also pledged their support for the cause. Moto claim that all of their 2013 or newer phones are vulnerable to StageFright, but will be fixed soon. In the meantime, don't open MMS messages from unknown numbers and report those numbers to the police. 

What do you guys think? Were you looking forward to the Surface Hub or OnePlus 2? Have you been affected by StageFright? Tell us in the comments!

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