Saturday, 8 August 2015

Silicon Saturday!

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It's been another week of tech news that was mostly overshadowed by the sausage party that is Gamescom, but don't worry: I'm about to wrap this week up into one poorly-written package!

Pebble Time Steel!
You may remember that Pebble had a very successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, raising over $20 million in order to fund the new Pebble Time watch, that sadly can't help you travel in time, but is still in pretty colour rather than monochrome. Well, even if you missed out on it, you can now place down orders for the Pebble Time Steel for £250, which will be delivered in around 2 months. However, if you want a steel band, you'll have to fork out $50 for it.

Tesla Model X!
In a letter to its shareholders, electric car supermanufacturer Tesla will debut its new Model X in September, which is the company's first crossover vehicle. Not only that, but in true Tesla fashion, the Model X has cool lifting doors. Problem is, there'll only be a couple Model Xs rolling out next month, as the company is still skeptical about issues with the car, but if you're one of the first, well done.

Lollipop Not Lollipopular
Android 5.0, AKA Lollipop released 9 months ago, adding a flatter, minimalist UI, improved notifications and a better battery life, so you'd think that it'd be quite popular. Well, an article by Android Authority disproved that, showing that only 18.1% of Android owners use Lollipop, probably because of its limited availability on older phones. Android KitKat is the most popular by far, which is on 39.3% of phones, followed by Jelly Bean on 33.6%, which has the benefit of spanning 3 major updates. Astoundingly, 0.3% of Android phones still have 2.2 Froyo installed, which was released back in 2010.

Samsung Compensates
In a Reuters article, Samsung established a fund of £55 million to help any of its workers suffering from cancer. According to the article, around 200 workers have suffered from cancer at Samsung, with 70 of them sadly dying, and all the while lawyers have been trying to get Samsung to hold themselves accountable. Hopefully this fund will help those already stricken with cancer, while also preventing future exposure to radiation.

HoloLens: A 5 Year Odyssey
Many of you were probably impressed with Microsoft's HoloLens presentation at E3 in which Minecraft in HoloLens form was demonstrated. It also made you ravenous to know as to when it would release. Well, in an interview with the BBC, CEO Satya Nadella said that they would have a developer kit out next year, before going on to say that the release would be rolled out over 5 years, sort of like the Oculus Rift's release.

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