Thursday, 27 August 2015

Not Trine Hard Enough

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A bit of a controversy has risen over the third installment of the Trine series, Artifacts of Power, as the game has been targeted by players who claim that it's too short to justify the price, and ends on an ambiguous cliffhanger ending. That cliffhanger may never be solved, as developer Frozenbyte, in response to the criticism, updated their Steam page, with the developer's Vice President Joel Kinnunen standing by the game, yet also talking about Trine's future, saying "The future of the series is now in question, as the feedback, user reviews and poor media coverage has taken us by surprise" before going on to say that the game was originally much bigger, but had to be scaled down due to budgetary concerns, with Kinnunen claiming that Trine 3 would've cost over $15 million to make, had the developers stuck to the original plan. This is due to the franchise transitioning into 3D, taking up more resources and money than previous installments.
Still, Artifacts of Power wasn't a bargain to make either - the game cost a whopping $5.4 million, money it may not make back due to the games £16 price and fan backlash. Frozenbyte gave us a very sad video update today, with marketing manager Kai Tuivonen taking the blame and looking sad at the same time, claiming that he should've mentioned Trine's shortened length to the fans. It's sad to see Fronzenbyte sink to such a low point, and I hope they don't cancel Trine as I love the series and loved Trine 3 despite its length - the Finnish developers will have to grin and bear for now before they decide how to continue.
What do you guys think? Were you annoyed by Tribe's length? Tell us in the comments!

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