Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Microsoft Gamescom Round-Up!

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Even before Gamescom has started, Microsoft are raring to show off their plethora of games in their conference. They gave release dates and trailers to many games that didn't make a showing at E3, starting off with Quantum Break, which has been given a release date of April 5th next year, as well as a new gameplay trailer, which shows off some generic-looking gunplay and time travel, then focusing on the accompanying live-action TV series, which features Game of Thrones' Aidan Gillen.

Spenny and co then moved on to Crackdown 3, which got some pre-alpha footage as well as some details talking about a competitive multiplayer in which everything is destructible, which sounds like a hoot. There'll also be the usual co-op campaign and transforming videos, and a teaser at the end possibly signaling a beta next year. Scalebound also got its first looksee since E3 last year, with some gameplay of Platinum's latest. Since it's an Xbox exclusive, it'll be a third-person open world game with 4-player co-op, as well as your own goddamn dragon. Overall, it's pretty Bayonetta-like, which is obviously a very good thing, but with dragons and the ability to turn yourself into a half-dragon.

Another Xbox exclusive exclusively on Xbox One only on Xbox is Killer Instinct Season 3 which will launch next March, as well as Rash from Battletoads, who's available NOW! Any Killer Instinct player who's bought some form of DLC will get access to Rash, as well as any Rare Replay owner who's played Battletoads. Microsoft then announced Halo Wars 2, which'll be good for sure, since it's being developed by RTS masters Creative Assembly. All we know from the teaser trailer is that it'll be launching on Xbox One and PC next Autumn, so keep your ears peeled.

Dark Souls 3 also got some more gameplay, suggesting that From Software have a deal with Xbox (Hopefully not). It looks as spooky as ever, and this time Miyazaki-san is back the helm, so this should be a fitting end to the trilogy. There's a significant Bloodborne-type essence to it that can't quite be described, but Souls fans should be pleased.

Last of all, Micrsoft talked about *gasp* TV.

Calm down, Internet - it's all rather cool.

In 2016, any Xbox One user with a TV adapter, as well as Windows 10 users, will be able to record live TV and watch them on the go on a Windows tablet. This will be furthered by the new Windows 10-like OS hitting Xbox Ones in November. 

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