Thursday, 6 August 2015

Hide Your Shame, Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5
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When a new trailer for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 was shown last month, the fans were dissatisfied to say the least. The graphics looked basic, the gameplay even more so - overall the game just looked dated. That could be a good thing, but it would be nice to see some innovation in a genre that hasn't had a new entry in a while. Well, as you can see above, the developers decided to mask the ugly style by cel-shading the skaters, making their faces look even more horrible and adding outlines that make the game even more horrible to look at. Listen, Robomodo: the last good skating game we got was Skate 3, and that was in 2009. Can we please just have a half-decent skating game to tide us over for another 6 years?

In other dissatisfied fans news, Final Fantasy XV had a stream yesterday that showed 90 SECONDS of gameplay that looked exactly the same as people had played in Episode Duscae and a trailer full of cutscenes. Then, if there wasn't enough disappointment, game director Hajime Tabata told Eurogamer that the game would be launching in 2016, 10 goddamn years after it was originally unveiled. His reason? "We've got something we'd like to say - you won't be waiting until 2017". Reassuring.

He then went on to say that the release date was "in line with with initial plans made". WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US BEFORE THEN.

I admit that game development can be unpredictable, but they could've at least given us a small indicator as to when we could expect it. 

Still, on a light note, the Trailer of the Day is the gamescom 2015 Mother Base Gameplay demo for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Though I'm not interested in this game because a) Ground Zeroes was way too dark and b)Konami is goddamn messed up right now. Still, the multipliayer does look intriguing, and has surprisingly less horse defecation than the singleplayer.


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