Thursday, 6 August 2015

Gamescom Blizzard Round-up: Hearthstone Announcements!

Those familiar with Hearthstone (myself included) already know about the new card expansion headed our way but in case you didn't know, it adds 132 new cards to the game and it is... The Grand Tournament! Because they revealed TGT, Blizzard can't show anything new can they? Well, they showed off 3 significant new things which we'll be covering just below- just use that mouse wheel of yours.

First up are the new cards - to be expected of course, Blizzard has steadily released details of all the cards in the 132 card expansion to the game, and 13 more were added to the list at Gamescom. Some were from the booth, and others were from the actual conference. Said new cards are (In no particular order whatsoever): The Skeleton Knight, Gormok the Impaler, Tuskarr Jouster, Master Jouster, Injured Kvaldir, Burgle, Armored Warhorse, Argent Lance, Bolster, Ancestral Knowledge, Eadric the Pure,Gadgetzan Jouster and Mukla's Champion, all of which are seen below.

(Individual images from

What you may have noticed are the new 'Joust' cards, which is coincidentally the second point: these reveal a minion from each person's deck, and if you have a higher cost card, the card you played will gain a bonus, such as gaining divine shield and taunt, or charge. This would encourage later game decks, as high mana cards will be needed to make these cards even viable, slowing it down, which the whole 'Inspire' mechanic also does. The new Joust/Reveal mechanic adds even more freshness to the game and I expect we'll see even more come the actual expansion's addition.

Lastly is a bit of much awaited encouragement to keep on playing and attain the higher ranks in ranked mode: Ranked Rewards! Any player who has reached rank 20 in the past qualified for just the card back for the season, and those who progressed passed rank 1 and into legend got the Legend card back- but only for their first time in legend. Now everyone will receive one or more golden cards, arcane dust and the card back, the cards increasing in rarity and amount the higher the rank you are.


No confirmed release date for the actual expansion, but the rewards system will begin this month according to Stay tuned for my other articles on the various other games Blizzard has details for, as well as the new World of Warcraft expansion.

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