Sunday, 12 July 2015

SWTOR Lowdown: SDCC Wrap Up

Source: @Wookguild’s livestream and Heather’s Tweets. Special thanks for their livestream/live tweet.

There is apparently no Cantina Tour flashdrive for this cantina tour. However cantina mount codes have been given out, Twitter is probably the best place to look for them or over on Dulfy. 

Q: Any plan for new ops?

  • A: They want to have new ops but at the same time they want to ensure they have a solid operation foundation. Revamping current ops/fps first and then after they will have new content. They said operation cadence is very important and once Fallen Empire drops they will start working on new ops. 

Q: Any new pvp content coming?

  • A: Look for the change to PvP meta in Fallen Empire

Q: Revamps to Conquest?

  • A: Conquest will be revamped to match the current content.

Q: Any of the old planets getting love? (i.e. Tatooine etc)

  • A: Some will be revisited in Fallen Empire.

Q: Gear sets for quick swap? (big cheer in audience for asking this question)

  • A: Couldn’t hear.

Q: Any plan for novel to expand current story?

  • A: No plans

Q: Can you go back to play the original story with your new autoleveled level 60?

  • A: Short answer is no.

Q: Will companions care more about player decisions?

  • A: Yes huge part of Fallen Empire

Q: Will the Shroud in macrobinocular missions be back?

  • A: Guaranteed to be back, but can’t guarantee when. The Shroud is always there.

Q: Any plan to upgrade GSF?

  • A: Have every intention of adding, but it depends on what the game needs. Will upgrade some day.

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