Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Colossal Changes

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Cities Skylines is a game that's been universally adored by everyone (Myself included). It's a meticulously detailed game that's supported by the community (So much so that some people actually live off modding for it) but it looks like developers Colossal Order have a new expansion planned (Whether it's paid-for or not)! In an interview with TechRadar, CEO Mariina Hallikainen claimed that Cities will be supported in the future, with "a big expansion" and "free and paid updates", which will all be announced at Gamescom! Potential ideas include natural disasters, transportation packs, tourism and even zombies, so it'll be interesting to see what they announce in Cologne this August!

Not only that, but a new Cities update has been announced, which will include 30 new buildings, auto-save features and pedestrian tunnels! 

In other news, the Dark Souls series has sold a combined 8.5 million copies, according to a Famitsu article. Dark Souls 1 and its Prepare to Die Edition sold a combined total of 5.593 million copies, while Dark Souls 2 and its Scholar of the First Sin edition sold a combined total of 2.911 million copies, showing that the first increment of the series had way more of an impact on gamers, probably due to its craze on YouTube. I'm personally not a Dark Souls fan (Otherwise known as a "filthy casual") because I honestly just don't get the appeal of a frustrating game with tons of loading times. Then again, Dark Souls 3 releases next year, so we'll see if the trilogy ends with more or less sales. 

If it can push the 10 million mark, then the Dark Souls series will join the likes of Rock Band, Bomberman and Mass Effect in the 10 million franchise sales club. 

Trailer of the Day today goes to the Path of Exile: The Awakening trailer, which shows off the free-to-play game's first ever expansion, releasing on July 10th. The expansion will include a new act (Act 4) a new area (Highgate Mine) and some more skills, jewels and other items.


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