Monday, 1 June 2015

Top At The Shops: June 1st

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As expected, the Witcher 3 has once again kept it's place at the top of the weekly UK sales charts, though it faced stiff competition from this week's No.2, Splatoon, which did so well that it's become the 5th fastest selling Wii U game, and the best selling new IP on Wii U. The reviews have been good, with the only real problems being the matchmaking and team balancing. so it could be a buy. In 3rd and 4th are GTA V and FIFA 15 respectively, which have both gotten positive PR lately: the former having a new update next week that adds a lot of new content (Including a beautiful new gold Luxor jet) and the latter introducing women's football in it's next iteration, to the tune of 12 new international women's teams. Farming Simulator, which was someone 2nd last week, falls to 5th (You can see the reason's behind my surprise in my review).

In 6th is Battlefield Hardline, which speeds past Project CARS; the racing sim has fallen to 7th. Destiny has boosted two places into 8th, probably due to its new House of Wolves DLC, while Mortal Kombat X and Minecraft: Xbox Edition round out the Top 10 in 9th and 10th respectively.

In other news, Windows 10 has finally been given a release date: 29th of July. You've probably seen the Windows symbol in your taskbar: if you click on it, you can reserve your 3GB download so you can get it as soon as it launches. Starting from now, any Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 user will be able to get if for free, so I would advise you wait until the last moments to get it, as it'll presumably take a while for software publishers to support it. The whole free aspect sounds suspicious to me (As in "there could be adverts on the how screen" suspicious) and Windows 8 really made me lose trust in Microsoft, so time will tell. It'll launch with Cortana, new browser Microsoft Edge and (shudder) Candy Crush, as well as the new Xbox app.

Trailer of the Day today goes to the LEGO Worlds Trailer, which is currently in Early Access for a paltry £12. Obvious comparisons will be made to Minecraft, but LEGO is the OG of playful building, and, to be honest, this game looks so damn fun. You can ride animals, fight monsters, build brick-by-brick and use real-world sets; it's obviously a bit bare on features, but I suggest you pick it up while it's cheap.


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