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SWTOR Lowdown: Leaked information?

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Leaked information arose yesterday about the new Rise of The Fallen Empire expansion for SWTOR. However, this information has not been sourced so it could all be one big farce. There is no reason to take this as fact, however, we will wait and see.

There has also been a screengrab of what looks like an official website leak here:

This is a summary of the infomation in the leak taken from reddit:

Knights of the Fallen Empire
Major massive spoilers below, you have been warned
Upcoming game features with game expansion 4.0, SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire
General new features
  • Level cap raised to 65
  • Able to create an instant level 60
  • One new ability for each advanced class
  • Crafting raised to 550
  • New class specific stories that connect to the main story
  • Main focus of SWTOR is story and single player experience
  • New Monthly subscriber bonuses (items, decorations)
  • New story updates every 3 weeks available only to subscribes or purchasable with Cartel coins(Guild Wars 2 style)
  • Nothing Major in terms of PvP being released.
  • New tier of gear and new ranked seasons
  • No new wzs or space content
  • One new companion for each player character
  •  o You get to choose your companion out of a few potential possibilities (3 options to choose from) 
  • o The companions are completely new characters introduced in the expansion and you interact with them during the story before you choose one
  • Two new operations introduced in 4.0 o Able to be done solo for story purpose or as a group (8 or 16 people)
  • Three new planets introduced in the expansion with two new daily areas o Planets are small (think Oricon/Ziost size)
  • The operations take place within the same area and setting.
  • You enter the instance and then choose which path/operation you want to complete (think Guild Wars 2 dungeons)
  • The emperor (Vitiate) now possesses some of the most powerful and influential people in both factions ( Dark council members, Jedi council members, Supreme Chancellor Saresh)
  • Vitiate needs the war so he can continue to feed and grow more powerful
  • Darth Marr and Satele Shan not possessed (Emperor not strong enough to control them, yet)
  • Vitiate uses the war to set up traps and battles to eliminate potential threats to him
  • The player character is branded a threat to each of their own factions and is now an outcast.
  • Each of the 8 classes get one new class story mission that involves the main story
  • The player character now must team up with other npcs regarded as traitors or outcasts (Satele, Marr, Theron, Lana, future Potential companions, and representation of the other 7 player characters to stop Vitiate)
  • The player character will interact with npc advanced classes of the same and opposite factions.
  • These npcs, lore wise, will have experienced what their advanced class experienced in the store o These interactions will offer different points of view during the story line o Ultimately all eight classes will come together and team up  NOTE: You do not get to group up and play with players of the opposite fraction, game engine won’t allow it.
  • Playable characters (remember they will be represented by generic NPCs other than you) team up though mutual contacts in game (think Doc and Kaliyo for Knight and Agent), Darth Marr and Satale for the Inquisitor and Consular respectfully , NPCs from past story acts (1-3) or even by chance
  • Only thing that is possible to stop Vitiate is powerful Rakata Mind Trap, the operations take place in an old Rakata Complex that involve you finding and assembling the device

Here are some images from the new trailer "Sacrifice" that will launch at E3:

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