Thursday, 18 June 2015

Square Enix's Conference Wrap-up!

In my opinion, I think this was one of the better conferences, and to be honest it should have been, considering that it was the last press conference there. The reason why I thought it was pretty good? It focused a lot on the games, and showed us more of hotly anticipated games we haven't seen much of, as well as announcing some new games.

On the topic of hotly anticipated games, Just Cause 3's trailer was the thing they kicked off with, showing more destruction, the wingsuit and the open world. We were then told about some of the new features, such as multiple grapple hooks and grapple tension control, as well as the size of the game: 400 square miles, the same as Just Cause 2's, which is still insanely large. After that we were told the release date: December 1st, this year. Next, another, extended trailer which shows the insanity of the game, with Rico (the main character) diving out of a plane while in a car, Furious 7 style, weapons, gameplay mods and detailed 'splosions! It looks huge and a blast to play, and will be even more fun when the multiplayer arrives.

Following that, Platinum Games revealed a game called NIER 2, which looks insanely good (as expected of both companies), and set in the post apocalypse. We didn't see much of it, and I've never played the first NIER, but I have high hopes for it. We'll hear more about it in the fall... and then the director showed up wearing a strange mask, accompanied by the producer, who talked about the support and the production. That was pretty weird, but I still have high hopes for it, because its something fresh and new.

Something that's less fresh and new is Rise of the Tomb Raider, or so it seems at this moment. They played a trailer in which Lara goes into some snow and tries to survive, gets captured, and then goes out treasure hunting with her usual action show. Then a look at the behind-the-scenes process behind the game, and from what I've seen, it's similar to the previous Tomb Raider, only with better graphics and a different story.

But what is different is Lara Croft GO, what seems like a puzzle adventure game in the style of Hitman GO. I think it's a very different but interesting take on the generally action/adventure focused games and will be nice to have a play around with whenever you're bored.

The director for the Kingdom Hearts series then appeared without a translator, played us the FF7 remake trailer from the Sony conference, and then said we would hear more about it at a later date. And then he provided us with one of the longest teases ever; he said something about Kingdom Hearts, and we all thought it was 3, then it was a mobile game: Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key... then more was talked about the game by some Disney developers, and I for one couldn't wait for it to be revealed. "Just show us!" I thought... Then the trailer happened.

Whoa! Who are these people? Colours! Disney! Kingdom Hearts 3's trailer dropped, and displayed the excellent new graphics, gameplay, abilities and surprisingly huge environments. It seems fluid and there's huge boss fights and you can summon giant cannons, trains, chariots with flying horses and teacups (yes, teacups)! We get a look at these new characters (or old, haven't played the spin off games) and the trailer cuts, with a man from the crowd hilariously shouting what we were all thinking: "THANK YOU!" What an excellent look at a title I'm very hyped for.

The World of Final Fantasy was given another look after its d├ębut at Sony's event. It's a cutesy RPG coming to PS Vita (haven't heard of that in a while) and PS4, that I'd actually like to take a look at. Final Fantasy has gotten darker over the years and while it does look more childish, it seems fun!

Another game shown from Sony's conference, Hitman, was also given more information and a trailer. It's online, being released on the 8th of December this year and will have a "world of assassination" updated frequently with new missions and contracts and considers player feedback. It focuses on freedom and has events such as limited time single targets. It gives a new experience every time, something I'm very supportive on, although I am concerned- will the frequency of the content affect its quality? Will we have smaller maps? We'll have to find out, but for right now colour me interested.

The sequel Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness, a PS4 exclusive had some gameplay shown as well. I haven't played any of the other games, and to me it looks like a Sci-Fi Final Fantasy, which I am not complaining about. The real-time battles seem seamless (no pun intended), and the end product is said to be 60 fps, which is very good considering it's on consoles.

Deux Ex: Mankind Divided (releasing early 2016) was the next game to be shown gameplay of. We get a sense of the story, that Adam Jensen is a double agent in an organisation, and see some of the new gameplay mechanics: on the fly weapon modifications and larger environments, with more of an emphasis on action, which I'm worried about- I played most of Human Revolution in stealth, and I hope to see that still focused on.

Lastly we saw a Final Fantasy Portal app which provides information on the series, and they announced a new studio-Tokyo RPG Factory- which is meant to develop and focus on JRPGs, with a new IP currently labelled Project Setsuna, with a release date somewhere in 2016.

Overall, I thought it was a good conference. Lots of things were announced and shown off, and they were very compelling in my opinion. The only time I wasn't too interested was the Kingdom Hearts mobile game and the Tomb Raider stuff, as not very much was talked about the latter, and the mobile game just seemed to be overshadowed by Kingdom Hearts 3 which followed it. Comment your opinions on the games and the conference down below!

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