Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sony Conference Round-Up

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I'm going to be honest: I fully expected Sony's conference to be a boring show of indies and business-related braggery, but goddamn me if Sony didn't knock it out of the park this time around. A million things that we didn't think would happen, happened. 

Case in point: the LAST FRIGGIN' GUARDIAN had gameplay yesterday, confirming that Sony was about to give us a helluva night and the cat-dog-bird thingie in The Last Guardian is the cutest thing ever. It's got a 2016 release date, so lets hope that day is January 1st next year, because I can't wait for this. Guerilla Games also revealed their latest game, Horizon: Zero Dawn, with a gameplay trailer also. It's a third-person action game set in a post-apocalyptic open world, and its got an almost Shadow of the Colossus vibe, what with the boss battling, and it's also releasing next year.

The next Hitman was also announced, dubbed Hitman, and will presumably get some gameplay at Square's conference this year. We got a CGI trailer, which revealed basically nothing, as well as a release date: December 8th this year. It's launching digitally for all current-gen consoles and PC, and it sounds like it's an almost MMO-type game, with public events. Hmm.

Street Fighter V also got some gameplay and confirmation that commando Cammy and punk rocker Birdie will be in the game, as well as a playable beta for the game that releases 23rd of July, while No Man's Sky got a live demo of its space battling and an exploration of a random planet, which looks as cool as ever. Media Molecule also announced its new game Dreams, which looks pretty fun: it's a community claymation game, in a nutshell, with some rather good tools.

Sony also showed off its flashy third-party deals, with deals with Activision warranting an exclusive strike and PVP map for Destiny's upcoming Taken King DLC (Releasing on September 15th) as well as a new deal for Black Ops 3, which gets Playstation players DLC before Microsoft players do (There was also a gameplay reveal for the game, but it looked a bit too brown and boring) as well as Firewatch's exclusivity: judging by the gameplay, it looks like a good exploring game.

Sony then proceeded to make more people's dreams come true with subsequent announcements for a full remake for Final Fantasy 7 with lovely enhanced graphics, as well as an announcement of SHENMUE 3, which is coming out in 2017 and is currently being kickstarted, with a target of $2 million, which it's already smashed, also smashing Kickstarter records. They also showed some new Uncharted 4 gameplay, which looks so fun and explodey.

That's all the big news coming out of possibly the best conference ever, but what do you think? What game are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments!

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