Saturday, 6 June 2015

Silicon Saturday!

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This week's been the fallout of Google's slightly disappointing I/O conference and the beginning of the hype for Apple's WWDC. There may have been no Fallout 4s announced in the tech world this week, but it's still been pretty busy:

Casio's Smartwatch Museum
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Smartwatches may seem like a pretty recent technology, but the trend's been going on since the 70s thanks to Casio. They may have ducked out of the market now, but that doesn't mean that Casio is forgotten: the Toshio Kashio Memorial Foundation has decided to hold an exhibition of over 30 retro Casio watches in the home of Casio founder Toshio Kashio. It's pretty crazy what they achieved back then: Casio smartwatches included calculators, planners, voice recorders, music playback and even TV remote functions.

Phone of the People
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From the Moto G to the OnePlus One, smartphones can have astounding value these days: but what of the people who simply have more important things to spend on? What of un-tech-savvy elderly? Microsoft/Nokia has you covered, as it's just released a $20 phone, the new Nokia 105. Despite being a "dumbphone", the OS and aesthetics look very contemporary, with all the nifty gewgaws: a phonebook that can hold 2,000 contacts, a 35 day battery, 15 hours of talk time, FM radio and two games: Snake Xenzia and Bubble Bash 2. There's also a dual SIM model!
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Instagram has had ads for a while, but they've only been selected and near-invisible. Now, in a blog post, the snap-sharing app has announced that it'll be opening up ads to every possible advertiser in order to maximize potential revenue: as you probably know, Facebook owns Instagram, and Facebook does have a lot of projects they need funding for (Slingshot, and Oculus, to name a few) so this move is understandable. Hopefully we won't be seeing any "This man found the 1 food to cut out of his diet. Now he's lost 57 pounds, and doctors hate him for it!" ads!

A Hero's Touch
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When you think of action cameras, biking fails or any type of adventure sport, you think of GoPro. However, despite their good camera tech, they seldom have screens, so you can't really tell what you've just recorded until you're back home. The new GoPro Hero+ LCD fixes that with its new LCD touchscreen (A first for GoPro) that lets you crop photos as well as view them. There's the same HD 60fps video, and the built-in Wi-Fi, just with an added bonus.

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