Thursday, 11 June 2015

News Catch-Up

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So a couple of new games have been announced and given gameplays for this week in the run-up to E3, so I'll be listing them off today, since I've failed to report on them this week. Later this week, expect a round-up of what to expect at each conference! Here we go!

  • The second Mirror's Edge game was named this week: Mirror's Edge: Catalyst being its official title, as it announced on its website. Not much was given in the way of details other then a load of PR tosh about how Catalyst "isn't Mirror's Edge 2" and the fact that it'll be revealed fully at EA's conference. Remember, its release date is Spring next year, so we should be shown some gameplay. 
  • Next up is the new Ratchet and Clank coming to PS4 next year, codenamed Ratchet and Clank 2016. A trailer and 8-minute gameplay video were revealed on the Playstation Blog and, while I do concede that the graphics look very glossy and shiny, the gameplay really doesn't look that impressive. I know I'll get some hate for this, but it really doesn't look much different to the first. The whole "faithful to the franchise" speech hasn't given me much hope either, but if it's not full price, I might pick it up. Prove me wrong.
  • Dark Souls 3 was also announced by IGN , after they released a promotional image claiming the game is coming out Early next year, meaning that we should see some gameplay. But WHEREEE?
In other news, a leak on the Italian Playstation Store has revealed that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be getting "optional microstransactions" (Doesn't make it sound any better) for its Mother Base building multiplayer mode, which is goddamn stupid. Microtransactions for a full priced AAA game with singleplayer is a terrible, needless thing, and its really not helping Konami's rep improve after a huge series of blunders.

Now, I know this article has been a bit grim, but at least it has a good ending: the trailer of the day goes to Volume's new trailer. In case you don't know, this is Thomas Was Alone's creator Mike Bithell's next game, and its stealth gameplay looks like the perfect replacement for MGS V's inevitable suckyness. It's got a release date of August 18th, so it's in a nice place to end the summer games drought.


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