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Fallout 4 Trailer Analysis!

Just in case any of you haven't been on the internet in the past 24 hours, Fallout 4's official- and its first trailer is here. It's got the internet frothing at the mouth for it. The sheer hype for this game has been 7 years in the making- Fallout 3 was released in 2008, meaning it took 2 years longer than GTA V to pop up. Bethesda put up a 24 hour countdown  earlier in order to promote the trailer, and suffice to say, it didn't disappoint. If you've already seen it, stick around as we're taking a look at what was shown to us in the trailer, and if you haven't, what are you waiting for?

Firstly, we're shown a close-up of a TV screen akin to Fallout 3's initial trailer, which pulls out to show that the TV is in a wreck of a living room. The bombs sure did a number on America after all. In contrast to the other trailer, the room switches back and forth from pre-war condition and the standard post apocalyptic setting. This suggests the former could be explored more indepth in the game (which is justified later on in the trailer.)

Room Gif
 The sweeping shot of the room continues when-boom- a dog appears, a German Shepard: a similar looking breed to Dogmeat, the canine companion in Fallout 3, sniffs around the house. I'll call him Dogmeat for the sake of convenience here. We are then treated to a tour of the house, both pre-war and post-apocalypse. In the past we see a Mister Handy- a floating robot- and a family caring for their child while in the present Dogmeat continues to wander around. In the background we hear the radio for the day- it's the day bombs drop and people are called into vaults.

After that, Dogmeat goes outside to explore some more and we're treated to a view of a regular street of people (albeit people in panic) before all the faeces hit the fan, and a view of lines of people queuing up to get into vaults, nuclear bomb shelters. The people escorting them in the power armour however, are the Enclave: the primary antagonists of the series.


And after that, we then see the signature Vaults of the series, specifically Vault 111 which our protagonist probably hails from conidering his attire. The series' iconic phrase is heard as it opens: "war...war never changes.", and we get a view of the hero presumably emerging from the vault for the first time
Mountain View

Had to do some research for these next locales: the Bunker Hill Monument and USS Constitution (I had to search these up) are famous locales in Boston which confirm the setting and rumours of said setting that were circulating the internet ages ago:
Bunker Hill Monument

USS Constitution

We then have a variety of sweeping shots to show off the new locales and possible returning factions and beasts in the game. In order of appearance, these are: Brahmin Sales caravans, Brotherhood of Steel members wandering the wastes, a Protectron, what seems to be a Mirelurk (big crab looking thing in the sand), those goddamn difficult to kill Deathclaws and some Ghouls too.

This is one of the aforementioned new locales that we'll get to move around in: a place possibly called Diamond City due to the "Diamond City Surplus" sign. Towns like this are filled to the brim with quests, vendors and things to do. You could also just kill everyone in the town if you really wanted to (if you're all about bad karma and stuff)...but you know, best to do their quests first.

Here we see a blimp patrolling the skies above what I think is the statue of Paul Revere. Maybe some towns are controlled by the government and have a strict curfew? That sounds like a good excuse to level up the sneaking skill, as that is one not used as much in the Fallout series as it is in the Elder Scrolls.

A Brotherhood of Steel member, or simply someone in some power armour riding on a helicarrier- could this be the new fast travel system?

Sadly, these people clearly weren't able to make it to one of the vaults on time. All of these flashbacks to the pre-war era leave me wondering how much of the game will be spent in this timeline? It is a welcome change of scenery, mood and pace, and expands our knowledge about the Fallout Universe, so no gripes about it necessarily.

And finally, Dogmeat wanders over to a suit of power armour in the middle of a workshop. The bobblehead in the background may confirm the return of the stat-increasing bobblehead collectibles, and the entire place could be a property you can own during the game, like the Megaton house in Fallout 3. You may be able to dsplay weapons due to the weapon rack, and considering the entire place is a workshop, a weapon crafting system could be possible as well. Lastly, the power armour on a stand may hint at possible armour customisation? A hot pink armour with some purple layers sounds quite appealing.

Mountain View

And finally, we are greeted to our main protagonist, the vault dweller, who won't look like that at all in game because traditionally we create our own character. For all we know they don't even have to be a he. He is seen with the iconic Pip-Boy 3000 on his wrist, and he pets Dogmeat before they head off on their merry way. Strangely though, he talks to Dogmeat saying "Let's go pal" before it cuts. The protagonists of all of Bethesda's games have largely been silent, with most of their dialogue being presented in text which the user chooses. Perhaps now they will be given a voice which we can choose from?

Well, that's it before it cuts to the Fallout 4 logo and Bethesda Softworks logo. All we know is that they'll be at E3 for the first time, and it'll be on next gen consoles. Hopefully they'll release it soon, I can't wait to get back to the wasteland. What are your thoughts?

All Images have been screenshot and converted into GIFs from the trailer itself and belong to Bethesda Softworks.

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