Tuesday, 23 June 2015

EA Conference E3 Wrap-up!

Image from www.wired.co.uk
The Lowdown from this years EA conference.


 Sure, it's only "pre-alpha gameplay" — but its shown everything we could want (other than more planets and classes, but another time eh?), from destroying an AT-ST to dogfights in a TIE fighter. And yes, there are lightsabers too!

 November 17th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

 With "the richest customization ever seen" N4S has been a interesting part of the conference.  This version is said to include more drifting than ever before and with a brand new trailer, it's bound to be good.

 Need for Speed is coming November 3rd for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

MASS EFFECT: Andromeda
 Bioware's famous sci-fi RPG is (almost) back. EA finally gave us a small tease at the new Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is coming holiday 2016. While there are aspects taken from the original Mass Effect universe — including N7 armor —  the trailer is more bizarre then ever before. Giving NOT too many details. Even though we still have another E3 before its release. :(

 The  free-running game Mirror's Edge is returning early next year on February 23rd. The trailer shows more style and drama than the 2008 original. Not much information has been released, but since it's in Frostbite 3, it looks promising!

EA sports
 EA Sports' annual releases were on full display this year (and, yet again, it went on for waaayyyyy to long). Highlights include Madden NFL 16 and a new face-scanning app, GameFaceHD, that quickly makes a 3D render of your face for NBA Live 16. And FIFA, well, you know... (Corruption mod anyone??).

 One of my favourite moments of the event might be a first look at Unravel, a new puzzle-platformer about a wool animal. Not much detail was given, but it looks adorable.

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