Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Week Ahead

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Only 2 big games releasing next week, the biggest one being Heroes of the Storm's final release on Tuesday for PC and Mac. In case you haven't been in the beta (LITERALLY EVERYONE'S BEEN IN THE BETA) here's a quick wrap-up of the game:
  • Blizzard character orgy
  • Apparently it's not a MOBA (It is)
  • F2P, but people will complain about microtransactions because they can't even be bothered to watch 30 second adverts before a YouTube video
The other game is Wander, the MMO that Sony showed off at Gamescom and everyone subsequently forgot about. That launches on Thursday for PC and PS4, and involves you exploring an open world and teaming with other players to whimsy about the landscape. There's not a single ounce of combat in there (Are you happy now, Turkey?) so feel free to let your hippy side out.

Without the weed and SWAT teams.

In terms of birthdays this week, tomorrow is the birth anniversary of Mojang founder, Minecraft creator and Jayonce's main enemy, Markus Persson! He'll be 36 this year, so let's hope that he gets what he wants: a successful game that isn't Minecraft. It's also the 31st anniversary of Tetris' first launch, so you can celebrate by crying over the transactions in it's mobile version.

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