Wednesday, 27 May 2015

State of Delay

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Once again, Wii U players have been snubbed by a big publisher: after being told by Ubisoft last year that there'd be no more "mature" games for Ninty's console, Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Studios (Who already have delayed the community racer a fair amount of times) claimed on their official forum that the game is currently running at "720p 23fps", which is pretty much an unplayable game, considering that it's a racer. Slightly Mad still claim that they're working hard to bring the game to Wii U, but they've clearly stated that if they can't make it work, they'll be moving onto Nintendo's teased next console, the NX. Boss Ian Bell even went as far to say to Nintendo Life that the Wii U was always a "maybe", which really didn't help stem the onslaught of hate. Then again, when does a statement ever stop the Internet *cough*GAMERGATE*cough*.

Not only that, but publishers seem to see last-gen hardware as a liability too: a GameStop employee told Kotaku today that Mortal Kombat X's last-gen versions are expected to be pushed back into Autumn or Winter (Not "Fall" and "Holiday". CHRISTMAS IS CHRISTMAS IS CHRISTMAS IS CHRISTMAS).

And even more so on current-gen consoles, as Kotaku also reported that Ultra Street Fighter IV's PS4 version, which launched today, has had it's fair share of problems: lag seems to be everywhere: online, offline, even the menus, plus it's also got a huge frame rate problem. For a game that's supposed to tide Street Fighter fans until the launch of Street Fighter V, it's the worst possible start.

Not good news today then, but at least we have a good trailer for today: the Mad Max Savage Road Trailer, which somehow eluded me yesterday: there's actual gameplay (See, every developer ever?) and a load of story elements, with the car combat looking hugely fun to say the least. Seeing as it's made by Just Cause devs Avalanche Studios, I have faith that this game is going to be a great one.

So what do you guys think? Have you been affected by any of these stories? Tell us in the comments!

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