Monday, 11 May 2015

Raucous Reviews: Broken Age

Quite simply, Broken Age is everything and more than Tim Schafer making a point n click game. The story is riveting, the twists are crazy, the humour is actually humour (Not your typical "HAHA BROKEN PHYSICS" humour. Actual humour.) 

Let's start with the story: there are two characters, Shay and Vella. Shay is a spaceman under the command of his cybernetic mum and dad, or as he calls them, Computer. He's bored of being mollycoddled and being provided for, and soon enough there's an opportunity to go on a real adventure.

Vella is a woman stuck in barbaric tradition in a town called Sugar Bunting: she's about to be sacrificed to a huge monster named Mog Chothra, who exchanges maidens for safety. However, she manages to escape, and starts to think up of a way to take down Mog Chothra and end the tradition. 

Both of these characters are tied together in jaw-dropping twist that's one of the best in recent gaming, and both characters are charismatic and funny, yet believable and fleshed-out. There are a lot of emotional and shocking moments in the story, as well as some dark bits, but this is easily one of the best comedy games too: I don't want to spoil the story because this is a very story-focused game, but Shay's exchanges with a fellow spaceman and Vella's encounter with a talking tree are absolutely hilarious. 

The gameplay is typical point n click fare, with pointing, clicking, an inventory and plenty of puzzles to solve. Said puzzles can occasionally be frustrating, but they're well thought out and not at all repetitive. You will occasionally find yourself combining items with everything to try and advance the story, but overall it's pretty enticing and fun gameplay. 

There is a lot of walking and backtracking involved, especially in Vella's portions (DAMN YOU PEACH TREE), where the slow walking will annoy you and makes the game seem tedious, but advance past those moments and you'll fall in love with the game again.

What really gives the game a lovable factor is it's cartoony art style. Backgrounds are vibrant, detailed, and always have a unique aesthetic (The varied towns in Vella's portions are beautiful) and the imaginatively designed characters all look great. The music is also a treat, always helping the scenes seem extra dramatic, always amplifying the emotions of the scene.

Even though I wouldn't recommend replaying the game as it simply isn't the same when you play it again and know all the twists and turns of the story, but Broken Age's price tag fits it. Entertainment-wise and morally, you learn a lot from this game.


I literally can't recommend Broken Age enough: funny dialogue, compelling story, puzzling gameplay, beautiful visuals - you're wasting time reading this. BUY IT ALREADY

Thanks to Double Fine for the PS4 review code!

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