Monday, 27 April 2015

Top At The Shops: 18th - 25th April

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After the hangover of Black Ops 3 news and hype that came out yesterday (Which I'll refrain from reporting because YOU'VE ALREADY GODDAMN SEEN IT), what could possibly sober you up for the upcoming week? Did someone say weekly sales charts?


Holding its place in number one by ripping through the abdomens of its competitors is Mortal Kombat X, cementing itself as the most successful Mortal Kombat in the UK, while also holding its ground is GTA V in 2nd. Undoubtedly the sales would be much higher if GFK Chart-Track counted digital sales, but nevertheless also staying in 3rd is Battlefield Hardline, which really isn't being a pushover. 

Finally overtaking its Xbox brother is Minecraft: Playstation Edition in 4th, rising up 5 places, which stunts FIFA 15, currently languishing in 5th. Minecraft Xbox Edition hopelessly clutches at the ankles of its Playstation edition in 6th, and COD: Advanced Warfare hunkers down in 7th. Dying Light rises from the edge of the Top 10 into 8th, and rounding out the table are two outsiders: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection rises from 11th to 9th, and WWE 2K15 (Hell yeah!) rounds out the Top 10.

In other news, Silent Hills, Kojima Productions' supposed sequel to the series, looks to be no more. After Kojima Productions' logo was removed from the Silent Hills site at the start of this month, people started to suspect some inner turmoil, what with Hideo Kojima's retirement nearing, but nothing materialised. That was until yesterday, when a slew of news hit us hard, denting our hopes of Silent Hills' release: first of all, Konami announced that P.T was being removed from the Playstation Store on Wednesday, while a Twitter quote of Guillermo Del Toro's panel at the San Francisco International Film Festival claimed that he said it was "not going to happen.".

This was followed by actor Norman Reedus (Who was to star in Silent Hills) claimed that he wasn't involved in the project anymore, while his face was removed from the Silent Hills website. Finally, Konami told Kotaku that Silent Hills was no more. However, this doesn't mean that Silent Hill as a series is done, as Konami told Eurogamer that they are working on another Silent Hill continuation.

What a raucous.  

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