Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Week Ahead!

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Next week is more the calm before the inevitable storm of the week after's Mortal Kombat X and Titan Souls releases. Anyways, in terms of games this week, firstly we have Pokemon Rumble World, the free-to-start version of the Rumble series on 3DS on the 8th. You'll play as your Mii, collecting and battling all of the Pokemon that have appeared in the series, However, being free, there is a premium currency, Poke Diamonds, so we'll have to see whether it's as well managed and balanced as Pokemon Shuffle wasn't

The other release we have is the full release of Bossa Studios' I Am Bread on PC and Mac on the 9th. The price will be raised from £6.99 to £9.99, so grab it quick if you want a discounted price, though there will be a week-long 25% discount. In case you don't know, in I Am Bread you control a piece of bread trying to get toasted to fulfill his fiery destiny. Still, you'll find out that it's having a derogatory effect on your owner, and you'll have to make so choices. It's not a yeasy game.

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