Friday, 10 April 2015


Image from Spiders' assets.
Remember Bound By Flame, that RPG that launched last year? No, not Inquisition. No, not ESO. Okay, you don't.

The point I tried to make in that terribly written "joke" was that developer Spiders' first outing was a bit mediocre and a bit average; a fantasy RPG that had no personality. Their new game, however, looks pretty interesting. Titled The Technomancer, it's set in a post-apocalyptic Mars in which factions are battling it out to get valuable water supplies. There are lots of typical RPG mechanics, including skill trees, companions, dialogue trees and a crafting system, but the screenshots are what makes me excited. It's quite Mad Max. with crazy and flamboyant-looking outfits and gear, plus there's sure to be some creative weapons too. It releases in 2016, so be on the lookout for more news concerning it.

Speaking of more news, Charlie Intel inspected the source code on the Call of Duty website and found a small description of what the game's going to be like. The game will be set in a "dark, twisted future" and there'll be lots of tech involved, Zombies makes a comeback as well, alongside a new Campaign and the usual multiplayer. An image was also found in the code, which is the usual Black Ops cover art fare: a 3 in Roman Numerals behind a futuristic super soldier with a pistol resting on each of his knees. Not much to go on, so we'll have to wait for the reveal on the 26th this month.

Are you looking forward to The Technomancer? Tell us in the comments!

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