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Friday Flix: 3rd March

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Steam used to be the home of many game trailers and now has many documentaries on gaming available to watch, including Free to Play and the more recent From Bedrooms to Billions. However, Valve have surprised everyone and released an actual indie movie, called Motivational Growth, and it isn't even gaming related. It's published by Devolver Digital, who have released many indie films before, and it's directed by Don Thacker, who's developed games such as Super Motherload, and developed many films before. Motivational Growth is a dark comedy/hybrid based on a depressed man called Ian who starts taking advice from a piece of fungus growing in his bathroom. It's actually an old movie, but it could signal the start of Steam's big push into the living room, as Devolver founder Mike Wilson told Eurogamer"We believe that while movies on Steam will never likely be nearly as big as games, they could still an incredibly important platform for the armies of independent film makers out there that are creating amazing, award-winning content that never really finds a home outside the insular festival circuit."

In other news, it's been a week since Dead Rising: Watchtower launched on Crackle, so let's see how it did with the people. 

Well, not many critics have offered insight, so I'll just take the IMDB review score: In a vote of 447 people, the film garnered an average 5.5. Most reviews said it was just a dumb zombie movie that could be fun at times, while Eurogamer's review summed the film up as "Overlong, uneventful and cheap as hell.".

What do you guys think? Would you buy films from Steam if they offered enough choice? And what did you think of Dead Rising Watchtower? Tell us in the comments!

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