Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Call of Duty: Paper Trail

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COD fans hoping to uncover what Treyarch's installment for this year is will be pleasantly surprised and intrigued, as Treyarch updated Black Ops 2 (As evidenced above.). The update added two symbols to billboards on the Plaza and Express maps, which, when scanned with Snapchat, adds a COD account to your friends list (Thanks, Charlieintel.com). Another Twitter user, (Amazingly named @Nipple_Nicholas) posted a video that the Snapchat account had sent, a mysterious video of light shining through trees with a Eastern European-accented man narrating "Listen only to the sound of my voice.". The only assumptions that I can make about this video is that a) the game will probably be Black Ops 3 and b) the voice could be Reznov's (Or Mason's mental image of Reznov) suggesting that you could be playing as Alex Mason, though this is wild speculation. It's an imaginative way to tease a game, nonetheless.

In other news, according to a report from sources close to Kotaku (POSSIBLE LIES ALERT) Amazon invested in Crytek last month to save them from a possible liquidation. In case you don't remember, last year Crytek ran into some financial problems and was forced to sell Crytek UK and Homefront: The Revolution to Deep Silver, while also having to shut down Crytek USA. Last month, Crytek teased that they had a "multinational investor" for the company, which could very well be Amazon - after all, they're probably looking for more companies (Or a new engine) to make their Fire TV microconsole more popular.

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