Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Unreal Price

Image from www.dualshockers.com
Unreal Engine 4 has been known as the ultimate graphical engine, probably tied for CryEngine3, but it's generally been snubbed for Unity when it comes to indie developers. That won't be happening anymore, however, as Epic have announced that they're releasing the engine FOR FREE from now on, and you'll only be required to give them 5% of your revenue if you're making over $3000 a quarter. In their words: "We succeed when you succeed."

So what does this mean for games in general? Well, for starters, we'll see a lot more indie games made with UE4, meaning that we'll also see indie games that are a lot prettier, too. Unreal 4 also has a GUI to use that allows you to program a game using only visual tools, rather than code, so we'll also see a lot more games in general, and probably a fair few that are shoddy. The coolest news, however, is that UE4 could now be used in schools to push coding classes, which will mean a whole lotta talented developers ready to make the next generation of games. Still, there's no doubt that Unity will still be popular, but expect to see the Unreal symbol a lot more in the future.

The Trailer of the Day today is the Amplitude - A Cult Classic Reborn trailer, which pretty much explains itself. The recently kickstarted game is coming to PS4 and PS3, and this trailer showcases a couple of the multiplayer modes that have been added in this reboot. Perhaps Amplitude will ease us into the recently touted Guitar Hero/Rock Band reboot?


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