Monday, 16 March 2015

Top At The Shops: March 7th - 14th

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Once again, there's been a huge shake-up in the weekly UK sales charts as the games start to flow and release in huge batches. Unsurprisingly, GTA V makes its way into first place thanks to the new Heists mode, which I have to say was worth the year-and-a-half wait (As soon as the Friday patch was released, anyway) while Dying Light still manages to hold onto second, proving that it could be this year's silent hitter. FIFA 15 rounds out the big three, while Minecraft: Xbox Edition rises up two places into fourth. Our first new entry is DmC: Definitive Edition in 5th, which is also pretty surprising - it seems like HD remakes and remasters are doing well this year.

COD: Advanced Wafare continues its downward spiral, falling into 6th, while Minecraft's Playstation edition rises up three places into 7th, proving that whenever the Xbox edition does well, the Playstation does ditto. Evolve rises up a place into 8th, kciking out Zombie Army Trilogy into 9th. Sniper Elite 3's Ultimate Edition (Also surprisingly) rounds out the list in 10th. Seems like people really enjoy shooting balls.

After some Banjo-Kazooie tribute game news was released at Rezzed last week by former Rare employees Playtonic Games, Rare have decided to beat them at their own game and are apparently developing a Banjo-Kazooie game, according to a tweet by Xbox boss Phil Spencer. I don't know why everyone's gone so Krazy for Kazooie, but it's nice to see Rare being given games that people actually want.

Trailer of the Day today is obviously going to be the LEGO Jurassic World Official Trailer, and obviously I'm very excited for it. It's got the classic slapstick LEGO humor, it looks beautiful and, as always, seems like a game that's just fun. I'm hoping that you'll be able to roam around freely in the park, but I'll probably buy this game regardless anyways.


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