Monday, 30 March 2015

Top At The Shops: 21st - 28th March

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I'm back from a hiatus, ready to talk about Capitalism! Keeping its first place (Perhaps it could stay in the top 3 for months a la COD?) is Battlefield: Hardline, showing that even though reviews haven't been too memorable, the people have spoken. A much more critically acclaimed game is in second, however: Bloodborne, which has been hailed by many as the best PS4 exclusive so far. (Probably sold so much because it's for FILTHY CASUALS) while the second and last new entry is Borderlands: The Handsome Collection in 3rd.

In 4th place is GTA V, which finally falls out of the Top 3, leaving the former Big Three in tatters (Almost a bigger fall from grace than, well, every boy band ever) while FIFA 15, another Big Three member, places in 5th. Dying Light falls two places into 6th, while Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare performs a dead cat bounce, rising one place into the 7th. Far Cry 4 makes a huge comeback, rising 10 places into 8th, and Minecraft: Xbox Edition hangs onto its 9th place. Rounding out the table is The Order: 1886, which makes a slight resurgence, rising 5

In other news, Halo 5: Guardians' release date has been announced in a couple of trailers last night: it'll be releasing worldwide on October 27th this year. The trailers gave us a bit more story: after some UNSC colonies were attacked, Master Chief has disappeared, so the Arbiter and Spartan Jameson Locke (Who featured in Halo Nightfall, the TV series exclusive to MCC owners) have been tasked with hunting him down. By the sound of it, you'll probably be playing as Locke and the Arbiter a little more than Chief, but only time will tell.

Also, since there are no trailers, the Halo 5 Guardians Master Chief and Spartan Locke Ads are my Trailers of the Day!

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