Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Week Ahead!

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After a surprisingly busy EGX Rezzed last week, it's time to start fresh and look forward to the next weekly batch of games, the first one being Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War successor Bladestorm: Nightmare, which has been in development for 6 years. As well as having the historical campaign from the previous game, there's also a new fantasy campaign, better character creation, plus online co-op and a whole slew of other options. You can control up to 200 soldiers at a time while doing the fighting yourself, so expect battles on a grand scale.

There's also Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, coming to PS4 and Xbox One. While there are no new gameplay additions in this port from PSP, the graphics, colour palette and lighting have been revamped and new cutscenes added, as well as containing a Final Fantasy XV demo that's only available when you buy Type-0 HD.

Last of all, here's a new feature I'm adding to the end of every TWA article: 

This Week 10 Years Ago was possibly one of the best weeks of 2005. We had Free Radical's masterpiece Timesplitters: Future Perfect, which contains my favourite gaming character, Mister Socky, as well as the first God of War, cult rhythm game Lumines and Kojma's obscure card game Metal Gear Ac!d for PSP. To be 10 years younger...

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