Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Week Ahead

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We've had GDC, IGF and PAX East this week, but (Apart from PAX) it's now all over; we were brought all of the news we could get, but the show stops here.

Or does it? One could say know, because from the 12th to the 14th, EGX Rezzed is up in Tobacco Dock, London, and tickets are still available! There'll be games such as Heroes of the Storm, Bloodborne, Total War Battles: Kingdom, and 22 Xbox One indies, plus Valve will be demoing their Vive headset, and if that wasn't enticing enough, every ticket holder gets 3 free games from Size Five Games (Who I interviewed earlier this year). There's also the gaming BAFTAs, hosted by comedian Rufus Hound, which ends the gaming awards season.

In terms of games coming out next week, we have Cities: Skylines (Which I'm currently reviewing) coming out on the 10th, which aims to cater to the crowd that SimCity couldn't. Due to embargo, I can only state fact, but this should be enough to get you excited, broken-hearted Maxis (Who were sadly shut down last week) fans: there's 36km squared of buildable space, plus tons of mod support.

The only other big game releasing is Shelter 2 tomorrow (Which I've already reviewed) in which you take control of a mother Lynx trying to take care of her newborn cubs (Which you can name, by the way. Have fun!) in a world that looks like it's made of paper.
In terms of what we're doing next week, I'll be rounding up all of the news coming out of PAX East, plus my review of Cities: Skylines will be up on Tuesday, and last of all I'll be rounding up of the news from EGX Rezzed on the 15th. Joe should also be starting his Week In Gaming article too!

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