Tuesday, 31 March 2015

"Put The Assets Down, Mr. Ross"

Wrong Ross, godammit.

Many people have been enjoying the work of Roystan Ross, who has transferred the first Super Mario 64 level into Unity engine. It looks splendid, but the project looks likely to grind to a halt, as Nintendo Life has reported that Nintendo is taking down different portals to the game, as it contains Mario, Goomba and Power Star models from Super Mario Galaxy (Admitted by Ross himself) as well as music (Albeit edited music) from multiple Mario games. This seems pretty fair, except for the fact that, well, the game is free!

If Ross isn't making money out of this and is still getting it taken down, the real reason is either a) Nintendo are just trying to hold onto copyright for their IPs so as to not lose them, or the more speculative b: Nintendo is making another Super Mario 64 remake. There are ports available on Wii and DS, so it's about time that Nintendo could update it for Wii U, or even their new mobile service! This is pure speculation, but it could be possible.

In other Nintendo news, it seems as if the rumoured Pokemon Rumble World game is a reality, as a trademark for it was filed on the Australian Ratings Board by Nintendo and Ambrella, creators of the original Pokemon Rumble and its sequels. Eurogamer speculated that this could be announced at tomorrows Nintendo Direct, so we'll have to see if this becomes a reality.

So what do you guys think? Would you buy another Pokemon Rumble game? Tell us in the comments!

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