Saturday, 21 March 2015

Silicon Saturday: March 21st

In a week in which there was a solar eclipse that a huge amount of people couldn't see, thanks to clouds, there wasn't too much tech news:

Microsoft Imagine Cup
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There were quite a few cool looking games shown off at Microsoft's 12th annual Imagine Cup in Seattle, but that isn't what this article was about: a lot of good ideas were shown off, too. There's Lifeline Applications, an app that alerts people to others in need of first aid help, and UNI, an app that directs freshmen (And women) to their classes and recommends societies to them, but my favourite so far is Siymb, a company that makes wearables such as a smart bracelet that automatically sends contact info when the hand is shaken. A neat idea, really!

Tesla Update
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The man who's literally done everything a man can do, Elon Musk, has just announced new software updates rolling out in Tesla cars, Stuff reported. There's Range Assurance, which tells you whether you're driving out of range of a Tesla charging network, and a map of all charging stations, which integrates itself into your Trip Plan so it's "almost impossible... to run out of battery" according to Musk. And that's just update 6.8. Update 7 will include such luxuries as "automatic steering". Mr. Musk, you've done it again.

Apple Does Everything, Too
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In case you don't know, Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference is happening in June, and a report from Buzzfeed (You won't believe what they said!) suggests that Apple are planning to reveal their successor to the Apple TV, as well as its new subscription service. It seems that it'll be getting a new A8 processor and Siri support, but only time will tell.

What do you think? Will you buy a new Apple TV? Tell us in the comments!

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