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Random Reviews: A Good Snowman is Hard to Build!

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A Good Snowman is Hard to Build.

Welcome to another Random Review!

Today, I will be reviewing a game called A Good Snowman is Hard to Build. This game is available on Steam and will help you build a perfect friend or even give you snow much fun (Yes, I did just do that). A Good Snowman is Hard to Build takes you on a puzzle based adventure with lots of free hugs!

Beginning your adventure!

The aim of the game is simple. You arrive in your garden and need to complete a set of (Hard!) puzzles to build a snowman or snowwoman. In fact, some may say that you are the garden’s guardian (Oh, yeah?) appearing as a black creature - with no visible features - throughout your journey.
Since each creature is unfinished, you have to work hard to complete your friends. This also includes naming them. The obvious aim of the game is to roll the snow into balls to complete the ‘friend’ however, things do not always appear as they seem.

a good snowman is hard to build 3
 img from: http://agoodsnowman.com/

Personally, I really did enjoy this game, but more in a guilty pleasure kind of way. Even though it can be sadistic and cruel, it was also very adorable to play (When you're not tearing your hair out). In fact I was amazed by how addicting a game of such a simple context could be. This is the kind of game you could spend 5 minutes on one level and 20 minutes on the next. However, I feel that the most important message of the game is hugging! Don’t forget that it’s important to hug your frosty friends once in a while.

Do you want to build a Snowman?

I really did like this game. It was an excellent challenge and something different from the games I usually play. This is why I would recommend this game to fans of the puzzle genre. Even though I liked it, I don’t think that it’s for everyone.  

Verdict: ‘A good game for puzzle fans’.

Did you enjoy this review or perhaps have played the game yourself? Do tell us in the comments below!

Huge thanks to Draknek for the review code!

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