Monday, 9 March 2015

PAX East Round-Up

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So PAX East was on from last Friday to Saturday, and there were a fair few announcements (A lot compared to PAX South, though), though no new games (Per se, more on that later).

A couple of upcoming games got some new content: first of all, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was given a new gameplay trailer, confirming to everyone how beautiful it looks, and contained a little biot of gameplay in which Geralt protects a trade route from an annoying phantom, but the real meat actually came from what developers CD Projekt Red talked about in their panel - apparently Wild Hunt was originally supposed to contain ice skating, which just gave me an idea for a game. Your loss!

Still, there was plenty of DLC announced during PAX, which is either great and terrible depending on your view, my favourite new announcement being Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, which is a prequel standalone DLC to last year's The New Order, set just before the start of the game in 1946, when Blazkowicz goes to Castle Wolfenstein, and later the city of Wulfburg. Final Fantasy XIV also had a DLC announced, called Heavensward, which releases June 23rd and introduces a new location, flying mounts, a new race, three new jobs and a new raid, plus a Mac version will be announced alongside it. Last of all, there's also a new horrifying character for Killer Instinct, called Hisako, and she'll automatically win by default by virtue of destroying your soul.

The next event roundup should be EGX Rezzed if anything happens, but if there's no news, I won't bother.

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