Tuesday, 17 March 2015

NXt Gen

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After what seems like years of consumers and investors alike telling Nintendo to make their move into the mobile market (The biggest threat to the 3DS), Nintendo (At a press conference attended by Eurogamer, among others) announced a partnership with DeNA. If you're not sure who they are, they are a Japanese mobile company that provides platforms for games (Like Google Play or iTunes in the West) and currently own Mobage, the biggest mobile gaming platform in Japan. This is a great start for Nintendo: not only are DeNA close to home for them, but it also provides Nintendo with a huge market to capitalise on.

The plan is for Nintendo to make the games, and for DeNA to supply and manage the systems and servers. I'm not sure whether Nintendo will develop new games or port classics, but I'm going to guess both. Nintendo also announced the successor to Club Nintendo, which ends later this year. As well as the 3DS and Wii U supporting the platform, Nintendo made some huge news by teasing a new platform, which could either be the successor or could work alongside the Wii U:

It's called the Nintendo NX, and although the information released was very vague, we now know a couple things about it: 1) There'll be more info next year, 2) It's an "entirely new concept" which could mean that Nintendo may do away with motion controls with the NX, or invent something completely different, and 3) It's a "dedicated games system", which is, once again, pretty vague. Still, overall Nintendo have just made a cracking deal and I'm sure that this will work out very well for them in the future.

What Nintendo games would you like to see on mobile? Tell me in the comments!

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