Wednesday, 4 March 2015

GDC Round-Up: Day 1

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So this year's edition of the Game Developers Conference, running alongside the Independent Games Festival in San Fran, and there's been so much news jam-packed into the first day that I'm not even making this article a list.

The first big announcement was the final Project Morpheus Specs, which absolutely trump the competition: it has a 1900 x 1080p OLED screen, a 120fps rate and 100 degrees of viewing angles. It sounds like Valve's recently announced RE Vive headset has already been beaten, and the Project Morpheus should be launching around early 2016. Valve haven't been beaten quietly though, announcing a load of new products, the biggest being the Source 2 engine, that's free to all game developers. There's also the Steam Link box, which will stream games from any Steam Machine or PC in 1080p 60fps for $49.99 in November, alongside the first Steam Machines by Alienware and Falcon Northwest, and the Steam Controller, which'll cost a huge $49.99.

Nvidia also announced their foray into the android console market with the Shield console, which contains its crazy fast Tegra X1 chip, (Allowing for the possibility of 4K film visuals and 1080p60 game visuals) an Android TV OS, 50 optimized Android games and the ability to stream console games from its Grid subscription service. It'll be coming out in the first half of the year in the US, and the second half in the UK.

Now onto games: the biggest gameplay video being The Witcher 3, which was actually streamed via the Grid service. The graphics were absolutely stunning, and the open world gameplay looks fun, but probably the most innovative game there was Dig Rush. Although it's a simple game, it's designed to help people with amblyopia, or lazy eye, by testing out their strong and weak eyes with colour and stereoscopic 3D (Finally, a use for it). If it's indie games your looking for, 1) you're at the wrong festival, and 2) Microsoft have you covered, announcing dozens of games coming to Xbox One, including the critically acclaimed Wasteland 2 and Shovel Knight, plus a couple of odd-sounding ones like Reagan-Gorbachev, which sounds... interesting.

Oh yeah, and Elite: Dangerous is also coming to Xbox One.

Stay tuned for more GDC coverage, and maybe some IGF stuff if anything comes out of it!

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