Sunday, 15 March 2015

EGX Rezzed Round-Up

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So EGX Rezzed launched on Thursday alongside the Videogame BAFTA (Which were a little controversial, what with Destiny winning the Best Game award) and there was surprisingly a lot of news. We only had one game announcement though, that being Chime 2, the sequel to the cult rhythmic Tetris-alike, which'll be launching later this year on PC, Mac and Linux. 

There was also a release date announced for Life Is Strange: Episode 2, March 24th, and a 14 minute gameplay session too, although I wouldn't watch it if you don't want to spoil the story for yourself. Guild Wars 2's new expansion Heart of Thorns was also showcased, with its World Vs. World mode looking damn cool and a whole load of Keeps, Towers and Weapons being demonstrated, too. Project Ukelele, the spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie (And developed by former Rare employees, who formed Playtonic Games) had a panel at Rezzed too, with some in-engine screenshots shown. The art style looks vibrant and cartoony, and Eurogamer noticed that there's actually a lizard hiding in one of them, which could be one of the game's protagonists, but that's just speculation.

Last of all, Valve demonstrated even more Vive gameplay and Eurogamer also wrote down their experiences in a hands-on session, which I recommend you read, as it sounds amazing. The VR market is a hugely competitive one now. 

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