Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Arkham Slight(ly Later)

Image from www.denofgeek.com
Rocksteady's return to the Arkham franchise has been delayed until June 23rd, Warner Bros announced in a press release. WB were pretty vague in terms of reasons for the delay, but we can all guess it's the need for more polish and bug-squishing. It's still a blessing in disguise, though, since it makes the summer gaming drought feel a little better, depending on if the game is actually good or not. The new gameplay video they released reinforces my excitement.

The bigger news concerning Batman though, is actually a rumor coming from VideoGamer.com, who claim to have a "trusted source" close to the game, which immediately overloads my BS scanner. That rumor is a Batman: Arkham Collection coming to PS4 and Xbox One at Christmas . It'll contain Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, which is understandable considering that they're the two Rocksteady Arkham games that aren't on current-gen consoles, and will be getting a new lick of paint. It's a cool idea, and when contacted by VideoGamer, Warner Bros didn't comment, which excites me: they didn't deny it, so it's not out of the question!

The Trailer of the Day today is Bloodsports.TV Gameplay Trailer, which will hopefully be Fatshark's redemption from last year's abhorrent Escape Dead Island (Although they did develop last year's War of the Vikings, which Joe enjoyed). From what I can see, it looks like a fun, bloody co-op game, with a crazy evil commentator to boot.

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