Friday, 13 February 2015

You Only Pay Once

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If you've noticed lately that the "Most Popular" sections on your chosen app store are all free games, presumably with microtransactions, then Apple have the antidote to your first world problem. They've launched a new Pay Once & Play category, filled with games that cost money, but only ONCE (You see, Rollercoaster Tycoon 4?). I could say that Apple have seen the light and have stopped supporting the countless clones and money-grabbers out there, but this is really just an excellent PR move that'll lead to more money for them. Since Apple get more money from purchases through the Apple store rather than in-app purchases, they're simply trying to push more people to buy paid-for games.

Another reason for this new category is the removal of the "free" price tag for every free game on mobile stores. Since this has gone, consumers want to be more careful with their money (Especially parents, due to many cases of kids spending thousands on games) and categories like this are ones that entice people to pay. The words "critically acclaimed" have a lot of power in gaming.

Anyway, onto the better news: my Trailer of the Day is the Just Cause 3 Firestarter Trailer, which doesn't include the song that you think. I'm not entirely sure whether the footage is in-engine or not (If it is, I'm even more excited, if not, I'll be sad) but it looks like the game is fully embracing its crazy ways, and it looks like it'll be a fun romp through MEDITERRANEAN CITY.


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