Friday, 20 February 2015

Yesterday's News: Rock Ban Lifted

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After over a year of lying dormant, the Rock Band series has seemingly been revived by Harmonix. After releasing new track packs last month and last week, Harmonix also released a survey asking opinions about what makes Rock Band great, and what would be important to them if HYPOTHETICALLY (wink) a new Rock Band game was made.

Well, we've had a new advancement in this latest saga, as an inside source who didn't want to be identified (SKEPTICAL ALERT) told Bloomberg that a new Rock Band is in development for the new line of consoles. It honestly makes sense: many people still play Rock Band, and even just adapting the Rock Band Blitz game for PS4 and Xbox One would be a great move for Harmonix, giving them a steady source of revenue while they work on Amplitude HD, the Dance Central series, and other new IPs. I'm sure that people would be less inclined to buy plastic peripherals now, but I'm sure that, with hype, Harmonix can rejuvenate the genre again.

In other sequel announcement news, NeoGAF user ekim found a trademark for Elite: Deadly, applied by Maguire Boss, a trademark company that's applied for Frontier's trademarks many times before. By looking at the classification of the patent, I can see that Elite: Deadly could either be a full sequel, a companion app or in-browser service for the game, or a TV series or film. Elite: Deadly could be anything, so it's just pure speculation until Frontier announce something.

The Trailer of Yesterday is the STRAFE - BLOOD AND MONEY trailer, which is honestly one of the best trailers I've seen in a while. If you haven't heard, STRAFE is a recently Kickstarted game in the style of an over-the-top 90s shooter, and it also has the best website ever. Seriously, give this trailer a watch.


What do you think? Would you buy a new Rock Band? Tell us in the comments!

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