Friday, 20 February 2015

"We're Tired.... You Do The Rest"

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Despite Battlefield Hardline releasing next month, it seems that DICE are bracing for what could be a lukewarm reception by reinforcing and bolstering Battlefield 4, almost a year and a half after release. The first new addition to a game that had its own launch problems is the Winter Patch coming next month, which will improve netcode and soldier collision, while tweaking the Squad Obliteration mode to "create something fast and challenging " and make it the "lead competitive mode", which sounds to me like they're hoping that the fast-paced mode will segue players into the fast-paced Hardline.

The coolest new addition, though, is the Community Map Project, which has users play it via the Community Test Environment (A sort of beta-testing ground for updates) and give feedback in the forums until it's ultuimately finished and released for Premium owners. It's a great PR move and a great way to keep the customers happy, and it shows that DICE appreciates that their fans haven't taken to well to Hardline and just want to keep playing the more tactical Battlefield 4.

Other than that, there really wasn't much gaming news today, so the Trailer of the Day today is the Dungeons 2 Gameplay Trailer. It's a spiritual successor to the much-loved Dungeon Keeper, and it looks like it gets the classic gameplay just right, plus there's also 4-player multiplayer and the ability to rise to the surface and fight humans! 


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