Monday, 16 February 2015

Top At The Shops: February 7th - 14th

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Huge changes in the charts today, but don't get too excited, because it's just game sales that don't affect you in any way!

Anyways, despite the bad PR and DLC controversy, Evolve still takes the top spot of last week's charts, finally splitting up the Big Three before they regroup in a couple weeks. There's also a surprise in second, with The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D having remarkable sales on the 3DS due to pure nostalgia. However, Call of Duty Advanced Wafare clings on to 3rd.

The last new entry in this week's chart is Monster Hunter Ultimate 4 in 4th (Another 3DS game. Best platform of 2015!) which knocks down GTA V and FIFA 15 into 5th and 6th respectively. Still, Far Cry 4 does well for itself amid the chaos, rising two places into 7th, while Minecraft: Xbox Edition falls into 8th. AC: Unity has plunged into 9th place from 4th, and Destiny rounds out the table in 10th. We've had many casualties this week, with Minecraft: Playstation Edition, The Crew and COD Ghosts all slipping out of the table.

My predictions for next week are that The Order 1886 will sink into the lower echelons of the Top 10, but that's really about it!

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