Monday, 23 February 2015

Top At The Shops: 14th - 21st February

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Sure, The Order 1886 has been subjected to huge amounts of heated debate and many people have "boycotted" it due to their anger over an unofficial video of someone rushing through the game, but last week's UK game sales charts says the opposite: The Order 1886 has weathered the PR storm and placed first in the charts, shaking it up massively. However, the stonewall that is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare keeps in second, and last week's number 1, Evolve (Another game that had a huge backlash) moves two places down in third. They're blocking out the haters.

True to its name, Far Cry 4 moves 3 places from 7th to 4th, while the ousted GTA V stays in 5th, and the other former Big 3 game, FIFA 15, is in 6th. Minecraft Xbox Edition climbs up one place into 7th, kicking out last week's #2 Majora's Mask HD into 8th. Minecraft Playstation Edition rises out of the table into 9th, and Destiny clings on into 10th to round out the table. In terms of casualties, Assassin's Creed Unity falls from 9th to 11th (Stay quiet, conspiracy theorists) while Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has a huge fall from grace, falling 8 places into 12th. 

Other new entries in the Top 40 are Total War: Attila, which debuts in 21st, while Dead or Alive 5: Last Round flops into 27th, with many digital problems occurring at launch too. I can't see any new entries coming next week, since the two biggest games of next week, Resident Evil Revelations 2 and There Came An Echo, are both launching digitally, which GFK-Chart Track doesn't count.

Today's Trailer of the Day is the Axiom Verge PS4 and PS VITA Trailer. While it seems that the PS4 doesn't need another 2D indie game (Hint: you can never have too much!) Axiom Verge was crowdfunded to great success and was critically acclaimed on PC, so this is promising. It'll also include new items, such as the Address Disruptor, which causes Arkham Asylum-esque glitches to occur. One to watch.


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