Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Speculation Never Changes

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Image from Bethesda's Twitter
A huge Fallouts are expected *BANG*

Sorry. There's a huge amount of speculation and rumours abound, as Bethesda announced on Twitter that they'd be having an E3 conference with the above photo, sparking everyone's imagination for what they could announce, the most prominent prediction being a return of the PBA Tour Bowling series, correct me if I'm wrong.

Still, in all seriousness, if there's anywhere that Bethesda would announce their new project, it'd be at E3, especially considering the fact that Bethesda have never had a conference at E3 before. I'd also expect that the Doom reboot would make a showing after the surprisingly not-yet leaked showing at last year's QuakeCon, and maybe a little more about TESO and it's new changes. Still, if Fallout 4 is announced, don't get too excited about it coming this year: since it started development in 2013, I'd expect it to release around 2017, if it's as big as a Fallout game usually is.

In different news, which may not seem newsworthy, feminist and game critic Anita Sarkeesian is getting a character in the upcoming Towerfall Ascension DLC , Dark World! Now, whether you agree with her or not (I'm not getting into the cesspool that was Gamergate, considering i have no idea what it was even about) you have to admit that she's been an important figure, both as a feminist and in video games, and it's nice to see that she's getting appreciated and credited for what she's spoken about. Good work, Matt Makes Games!

Last of all, for our Trailer of the Day today we have the DmC Definitive Edition Vergil's Bloody Palace trailer, which showcases a new addition to the original game, the aforementioned Vergil's Bloody Palace, which has 60 levels and increases in difficulty as you climb higher up the tower. It looks like a damn good port, but make sure that the sound on your computer is turned down, because I played it and proceeded to spill coffee over my desk and felt like I was prepared to die.


So what do you guys think? Does DmC Definitive Edition look worth the money? And what games do you want announced at Bethesda's E3 conference? Tell us in the comments!

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