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Silicon Saturday: January 31st

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It's actually been a pretty busy week in tech, so here's the last week in tech news...

Google Gets Slammed for Security.... Again
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Once again, Google's had to revamp their Privacy Policy (According to the BBC) after the UK Information Commissioner's Office deemed that Google needs to make it easier for users to find out what data of theirs is collected and used. This means that Google's privacy policy will be more visible (Read: not in the ancient Mayan language at the bottom of the screen) and account settings will be easier to use. Google will also tell users what data will be processed and what it'll be processed for. You may think that this isn't newsworthy, but it is when accompanied by the fact that...

Gmail Now Lets You Send Money
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That's right: Google announced that you can now send money to people via Gmail vSia Google Wallet (If you're based in the UK or the US). Still, credit cards can't be used in the UK yet (You can in the US, but you'll have to pay an extra 2.9% to Google) but there is a feature that enables you to request money from people, which is great if you're A) a devout smoocher or B) a Nigerian prince that needs money.

BTing Out Google
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Google Fiber has the fastest internet speeds in the world (Barring North Korea's) but's only available in two cities. Now, BT are planning to establish 500MB per second internet in homes and workplaces by 2020 using its technology comprised of fiberglass closer to homes around the UK without having to dig up natural areas. They're going to be testing it on 4000 homes soon, and are eventually planning to have a premium 1GB per second service in the future.

VR In The Air
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A while ago, 3 airline companies announced that their hostesses would use Google Glass and Sony Smartwatches to go about their duties. One of those airlines was Qantas (Based in Australia) and they've just announced a deal with Samsung that uses their Gear VR headsets as in-flight entertainment systems in selected First Class cabins, as well as their lounges in Sydney and Melbourne airports. As well as watching films, you'll be able to access info about your destination, view 360 degree images of it and, according to Group Executive Olivia Wirth, "experience an A830 landing from the tarmac". It'll be trialed for 3 months, so let's hope it catches on.

So that's about it for the week in tech, but what do you think of these stories? Will you use the money feature on Gmail? Do you want to use VR on a plane? Tell us in the comments!

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