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Silicon Saturday: February 21st

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In a week where we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of PhotoShop, a lot of great news was released, so I'll start with the most controversial...

Attack of the Superfish
So Lenovo, who haven't been in too good of a stead recently in terms of business, have done even more to hurt themselves by shipping their Notebook October-December 2014 models with Superfish, an adware program that compromises security of the PCs and adds more adverts to the browser installed on the PCs. After a huge amount of bad PR, Lenovo managed to create a tool for removing the malware, and a guide to help you do so. Close one.

Samsung Buys LoopPay
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Confirming many prejudices that people have about Samsung (That they seem to copy Apple) Samsung, in retaliation of Apple's Pay system, acquired the world's biggest mobile wallet system, LoopPay (Who announced the acquisition on their website). It might seem like the same thing as Apple Pay, but LoopPay requires a case to use and store cards on your phone, rather than integrating it on your phone. Still, I'm sure that Samsung will find a way to integrate this technology into Samsung phones, and with LoopPay being popular for iPhones too, this could be a great moneymaker for Sammy.

Pebble Tease
Pebble smartwatch
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Pebble, the kickstarters of the smartwatch craze and creators of the Pebble and Pebble Steel e-ink smartwatches, have set up a little teaser on their website, with the above image and a countdown that's just over 2 days away from finishing at the time of writing. By clutching at straws, I can determine that this watch will probably be much more colourful, much slimmer, and may have a colour screen, though it won't be touchscreen, judging by the buttons. I'll keep you posted when the countdown ends.

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As always, Google have been pretty active this week, first of all by announcing a new service called YouTube Kids in a press release, which will launch in the US on Monday and the UK soon on Android. As well as being a hub for kid-themed channels such as Sesame Street and TuTiTu TV, it's mainly being added because, all in all, YouTube can be a very NSFW, weird and adult place, and it's impossibly easy to stumble upon these things. The behemoth also had a bit of a run-in with Russian mobile OS developer Yandex, who claim that installing Google Play on phone acts as a Trojan for other Google software to install in the phone. This is a big deal, because Google Play is Yandex's store of choice on their OS, and if all of Google's apps are installed on Yandex software, it makes their own software obsolete.

So that's about it for tech news of last week, make sure to read next week's Silicon Saturday, and watch out for an article for the new Pebble watch when the countdown ends!

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