Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Robbing Our Patience (Sorry)

Image from www.rockstar.com
FINALLY. Finally, the moment that all GTA V players have been waiting for since the god forsaken Heist mode was announced all the way back in 2013. The one reason that we all bought the next-gen version of GTA V. Come March 10th, Heists will be upon us, Rockstar have announced, and we'll all be BOUND 2 our sofas due to sheer anticipation. In the same post, Rockstar have confirmed that the mode will be 4-players, and have said that more info is coming soon, which we'll keep you posted on. There were also a couple of screenshots, showing that this next update could add machine guns to pickup trucks and helicopters, as well as a new type of offroad armored truck. I'm salivating.

However, Rockstar have still got to annoy some people, and those people are PC gamers. If you didn't already guess, the PC version has been pushed back AGAIN to April 14th, meaning that it's a tie between GTA V and Project CARS for most delayed game (Your move, Bamco). However, to compensate, Rockstar will be granting players an additional $200,000 in Online cash, and since when has a bribe not worked?

In other news of indefinitely delayed games, Sony spoke to Eurogamer and confirmed that they're still working on DriveClub's PS Plus Edition, a free, lite version of the racer that allows PS Plus subscribers to play through 1 country in the game with their friends. Their's still no release date as of yet, but Sony have said that they're "Working on improving server capacity" meaning that the PS Plus Edition should be with us as soon as Sony have finished their fixes.

The Trailer of the Day today is the Crowfall MMO Kickstarter Trailer, which shows the first snippets of gameplay of the much anticipated Strategy/MMO. It's being made from the developers that brought you SWTOR and Ultima Online, so this game has some potential. 

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